What is a durag?

History of Durags:

The history of durag’s dates back to the 19th century. Originally, it started as headgear for poor African-American laborers and slaves to label them. However, it was in the 1930s, during the era of “Great Depression” and “Harlem Renaissance” that people came to know about its benefits and started wearing it as hairstyle preserver.

Later during the “Black Power Movement” in the 1960s, it became more like a fashion statement for African-American people and was worn by the people belonging to almost every aspect of life including rappers and athletes. As time passed, du-rag lost its charm in some areas of the US but maintained it in other. Nowadays, durag’s are gaining popularity again because of celebrities like Rihanna, ASAP Ferg, Guapdad 4000, Drake, Meek Mill among many others.

In spite of the obvious practical uses for durags, black men were, and still are, often labeled as thuggish and low-class when they wear them by mainstream America. In a 2017 GQ article, writer Brian Josephs explained that durags share a similarity with the head wrap, which many black women wear to protect their hair, for aesthetic appeal, or to cover their hair for religious reasons. In late-1700s New Orleans, the Tignon Laws required women of African descent to wear head wraps, according to Broadly. This was intended to suppress their beauty and physically distinguish their slave status. Similarly, in 2001, the NFL banned players from wearing durags and bandanas, but permitted skullcaps (if they showed team colors and logos). The NFL claimed the intention was to enforce a more uniform dress code, but the decision seemed rather, well, racist, as black players primarily wear durags. The NBA followed suit in 2005, around the time Allen Iverson became popular for wearing durags on the court, according to GQ.

Top 5 Benefits of Wearing A Durag

1. To Maintain 360 Waves:

The first of many reasons to wear durag is to maintain 360 Waves. Basically, it is a process where your hair is trained to lay down in a wavy and curl pattern. However, hairs grow outwards which is a problem if you want to maintain 360 waves and this where durag comes in action.

Basically, Durag trains your hair to lay flat on the head instead of growing outwards and helps you in maintaining your favorite 360 waves.

In the night, when you are asleep your sheets can dry out the waves and can make the hair frizzy. Du-rag is the solution to this problem as it holds the moisture in and maintains the progress made by each brush session.

2. To Improve the Texture of Hair

Rough and dry hair are two major problems a modern day person faces every day. This is mainly because of the pollution in the atmosphere which causes moisture in hair to evaporate.

This, in turn, renders the hair dry and consequently make them rough. Du-rag is the perfect solution for this problem and here is how.

After applying oils, creams and other products to moisturize hair, wearing a durag can ripple their effect as it would stop the moisture from evaporating and would make your hair smooth and healthy.

3. Straightening the Coarse Hair

For women who have coarse hair and straightening those hair gives them a tough time, durag can be pretty beneficial.

Normally, women perm the hair to straighten them, but repeating this process again and again can cause damage to hair. This is because excessive application of heat can denature the keratin protein.

Du-rag can reduce the numbers of perms required to maintain the straightness in hair by keeping them tied neatly in place.

4. To Maintain Your Braids

Stray hair is a problem for women who love their braids. But, they can avoid this problem by using du-rag. Wearing a du-rag can prevent the stray hair from coming loose by keeping all the hair in a braid together. This consequently helps in maintaining the braids you love.

5. Durag for Athletes

A lot of Athletes are wavers these days. Durags under a football helmet prevents sweat from getting into your eyes. NBA players are always seen wearing durags one of the most infamous baller is Lebron James. He can be seen wearing his signature black silk durag off and on the basketball court.

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