Is Leon Black on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"  The Most Influential Durag Ambassador on TV?

Is Leon Black on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" The Most Influential Durag Ambassador on TV?

hahz on Mar 13th 2021

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The character of Leon Black on Curb Your Enthusiasm is famous for rocking his durag/do-rag on the show that caters to a middle aged white audience. We want to salute on the most active durag community ambassadors on prime time television. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of the greatest comedy series of all time. In a time when humor is an imperative distraction, its absence is felt. The show’s brilliance stems from its creator, star, and main character, Larry David, who faces life’s bombardment of annoyances head on. However, his particular shtick takes a backseat to another. COVID-19 is more than an annoyance; the global pandemic has thrown complacency into a blender, with skyrocketing infection rates and death tolls plus equipment shortages and panic. With so much discouraging shit going on, life’s little annoyances have revealed themselves as inconsequential. Exit Larry David, enter Leon Black.

David’s character is drawn to J.B. Smoove’s Leon because of the latter’s brawn; Leon is unafraid of life’s challenges. Two months ago, HBO posted Guided Meditation with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s J.B. Smoove. In typical Smoove/Leon fashion, the comedian’s mindfulness helped us to achieve a stable mental and physical clarity we didn’t even know existed; his demand to “Breathe in through your nose and out through your ass” resonates in an ineffable way. Two weeks ago, just when we began to need it most, part two of Smoove’s instructional video was released (and it was certainly more helpful than an abysmal rendition of “Imagine”). In honor of a man who knows just how to make life a little more bearable, here are some of the funniest Leon Black GIFS wearing a durag.

For those unfamiliar here is a clip of Leon in action. Is Leon the most influential durag ambassador on TV?