Finally!! Durags For Children

Fashion as we all know it is part of human life, whether we like it or not, we have to wear clothing. Ranging from shirt to trousers, and even our shoes, fashion is something that tells a story about who we are. We can’t also ignore the fact that fashion is not only for the old but also for the young. People might say durag should not be promoted for kids, but this is wrong. If we are to bring the benefits into it, we can say that children have the right to also wear durags. It has become a big issue for discussion in the community, children are even told to take off their durags in school. Durags, as we all know, is not only meant to protect the hair, but to also give the hair a better wave effect. So we can say durags are more like maintenance devices for the hair, same as women’s hair wraps.

One reason why children should be allowed to wear durags is to help teach them black history. According to history, durags were worn by African-American slaves as a means of identification.

It later progressed further to be preserver for a hairstyle. One other reason why children are to be allowed to wear durags is for fashion. Apart from it being hair preserver, it is also worn to promote modesty in their dressing. To get this out people’s mind, durags are not related to any gang, they do not in any way promote cultism. They are merely for fashion, to support history, and preserve the hair.

Durags can be worn by babies and children under the age of 10, for better comfort and to prevent headaches, you can get them the kid silk durag that are made especially for kids. They are even cheaper, with better quality. If you looking for that durag that can be worn anywhere; in school, at home, to playgrounds, and parties, then the silk durag is the best. It is capable of covering the entire head, protecting from the sun and keeping the hair shiny. Another type of durag that can provide such comfort for kids is the velvet durag, all you have to do is just brush the hair of your kids in the same direction, and use the durag to keep it in that form compressing it. With all these said, you can now see why durags can also be worn by kids. To give their hair a wavy pattern, protect them from the direct touch of the sun, absorb sweat, and protect the hair from breaking.

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