Could Your Durag Be The Cause Of Your Headache?

Durags came into existence in the 19th century as a means of identification for African-American slaves. This was later picked up by popular pop culture celebrities and fashion stars. Both male and female celebrities picked up this trend, but it later faded and now durag is back. One might ask exactly why exactly people wear durags. This answer can only be answered by the person wearing it, some might wear for fashion, but the major benefit that comes with putting on durags is to protect the hair and scalp. Durags protect the hair from pollutants and UV light from the sun, this prevents the hair from breaking. And also for those that have dry hair, durags can help keep moisture and oil in, keeping the hair shiny. 

One might ask, is there any disadvantage that comes with putting on particular dressing accessories? Well, there is for durags. Durags are capable of causing headaches. Yeah, you read that right, they can cause a headache. The type of head that is caused when wearing a durag is known as the External compression headache. This type of headache is usually caused when something worn on around the head is putting constant pressure on the forehead. They usually happen in people that do wear certain headgear like goggles, helmet, and in this case durags around their heads. 

So then how does durag cause headaches?

For most people, after wearing durags for a long time, they start having constant headaches coupled with these lines that are formed on the forehead and at the back of the head. The reason why those headaches keep coming is that you have the durag too tight to your head. Do not because of fashion or hair protection bring pain upon yourself. Pain is not one of the benefits of wearing a durag, the durag is worn to protect your hair, keep it clean and strong. This means you are to have the durag on as long as you want it on you, in a COMFORTABLE way. 

These headaches are known to be caused for the pressure that is placed on the pain receptors that transmits feeling from the face to the brain. For those that are veteran when it comes to wearing durags, they do not feel headaches because they can control the tightness of the strings. Only rookies complain about constant headaches when they are wearing durags. When you refuse to adhere to wearing the durags loosely, you apply prolonged pressure causing external compression headache. Continuous one can cause migraine overtime. Here are some ways by which you can avoid headaches from durags;

  • Desist from trying the durag string too tight, loosen the a bit. Then you are able to protect your hair in a more comfortable way. 
  • If you can’t seem to adjust the strings from durags well, opt for tsurags instead. They do not have strings like durags. 

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