Benefits of Wearing a Durag

One fascinating thing about fashion is the rate at which it evolves. Even the old styles are coming back and are making waves more than they’ve done in the past. A good example of such style is the wearing of durags.

Durags can be backdated to the 19th century, where they were worn by African-American slaves as headgear to identify them. Later in the 1930s, people got to know about the benefits durags provide as a hair preserver. They are also seen as the same with the headwrap worn by women for beauty and religious purposes, and for hair protection. As time went by, the fame of durags started fading, but later gained popularity because of some popular celebrities that wear them. Some people might think they are worn just for fashion, but they also have their benefits. They include…

  • Enhances hair quality

Just as women put on head wraps to help them enhance and maintain the quality of their hair, so is the wearing of a durag. Durags help to keep in moisture and oil in the hair, which keeps the hair shiny. If you have the type of hair that dries up and curls, wearing a durag to bed will help to reduce the rubbing between the hair and pillow, thereby preventing the hair from curling up. 

  • Protection from pollutant and sun

Two major things cause damage to the hair: pollution and UV rays from the sun. These two factors can make the hair dry, which is why a durag should be worn to help protect pollutants and the sun from reaching the hair. With the use of durag, you can protect both your hair and scalp from the sun, keeping your hair strong. You do not even need to apply a chemical that might affect the hair more.

  • Keeps the hair straight

For those that have dry hair and would want to keep the hair neat and straight, durags can help do that. Some people prefer to have their hair treated with chemicals that might in the end damage, but with durags, you do not have to apply any damaging chemicals. Durags are the simplest way you can keep your straight, lock in moisture and oil, and keep the hair shiny.

  • Absorbs sweat

This is more beneficial for someone that stays in a warmer region. When the temperature risen and sweat becomes a problem, durags can help absorb sweat that builds up on the scalp, keeping you cool. Evaporation of sweat can occur easily, preventing the sweat from entering the eyes.

These are just some of the many health benefits of wearing a durag. So if you care for the total health of your hair, you should definitely consider getting a high quality drug that will help protect your hair and keep it clean and strong!

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